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A Minus Z Strategy

Let me explain what I do in this business on a daily basis..

I set my alarm (unfortunately) for 8.30am (you need to work this system for 20-30mins between the hours of 8am - 4.30pm)

I go to my laptop and visit a website from Germany, enter a code which I will give you and write down a 5 digit code. I will then document that figure on a spreadsheet on todays date and get my calculator out. I will then open an app on my iPhone, enter a code and obtain another 5 digit number and write that down on the spreadsheet. I will then calculate the difference of the two 5 digit numbers and write that down on the spreadsheet. If the number is 11 or above I then start work using the app. If the number is 10 or below, I pack up my things and shut the office up until tomorrow and go enjoy my day!

If the number is 11 and above then it’s time to make some money.

I open my app and place a simple bet which involves setting 3 fields in the section and then shut the app - SIMPLE!

I then shut my laptop, tidy my desk and get on with my day. Every now and again I may find an urge to log back in with my laptop or smartphone to check on progress and at that point I may make 1 or 2 small adjustments but this isn’t compulsory and I tended to do that more in my earlier days as I was too excited lol.

There are also days that for whatever reason, I need to be out of contact early for instance for instance yesterday I did my morning work, the number from the subtraction was 28 so I made my bet and logged back in at 10.16am because I had to be somewhere and I ended my trade early with £86 profit. 

Now, the training says let the trades run and turns out it would have been totally correct as if I had of left the trade running, at 4.30pm I would have made over £300 but there we go (Potentially could have lost too so at least I had the £86).

The point is that it is totally flexible so you are able to cash out your profit at ANY TIME!

Another cool thing is in the morning when we make our calculations, we also know how much money we are likely to make.

For example if the number is 11 then we are expecting to make £110

If it’s 16 we will make £160

If it’s 21 we will make £210

The range is usually between 11 - 35 so on average I make £110-£350 per day. Not retirement money but it really is a great little side business.

DAX Charts
DAX Charts

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