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How It Works

A Minus Z Strategy

What equipment do I need?

You will need an up to date smartphone, I struggle with my eyesight so I also use a laptop to access one of the websites needed to run this business.

This business will involve some basic math however it’s totally fine to use a calculator for this (I do this to double check I have set my daily business correctly)

The main reason for a bad day is HUMAN ERROR and as I am the only human on my payroll, that is ME. However don’t worry as using a calculator will all but eliminate these simple mistakes I made during my first month.


So, how does it work?

The most important sum of all is deducting 1 x 5 digit number from another.

For example, today’s 1st task for me was deducting 15774 from 15726 which of course is 48. Even though I could have made this calculation in my head, the answer is vitally important as these figures represent our profits so I used a calculator to double check.

If that simple equation didn’t put you off then this the business for you as that’s about as tricky as it gets.

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The next step in this business would be determining if the number you calculated is greater than 10. Even I don’t need a calculator for that but if you do then feel free to use one.

When I started work this morning is did the math and worked out the number is 48. That means it is greater than 10 so today would count as a working day for me. If the number you work out is 10 or less then there is no work today so nothing else to do and we go about our day.

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